Watermelon Group is providing best level inducation. Induction is the process for welcoming newly recruited employees and supporting them to adjust to their new roles and working environments. Starting a new job can be a stressful experience and new employees need help to settle in. Watermelon Group induction programme will provide new employees with all of the necessary information, including local welcome events and activities.

The induction you will receive in your local department/institution will enable you to:

Meet your key colleagues;
Find your way around your workplace;
Understand your terms and conditions of employment;
Understand your role, key responsibilities and how you fit into your department/institution;
Know what is expected of you and the way in which your work will be monitored;
Know how you will be managed and supported to carry out your duties;
Access University and local policies and procedures;
Identify any training and development needs that have to be met to enable you to undertake your role effectively.

Our Services

Watermelon Group Services is best for counsulting industry. We are providing best level services in our field.