WaterMelon MSPL employee leasing and payroll services provide a cost effective, professional and effective salary / payroll / administrative and consulting service to businesses that do not have the requisite infrastructure. Processing payroll can be a complicated and time-consuming task, especially for small businesses. WaterMelon MSPL issues the paychecks, calculates and pays the tax withholdings, and is responsible for any disability, unemployment, or workers compensation claims filed by that employee.

WaterMelon MSPL leverages the latest technologies, shared services environments, process improvements and domain expertise to help client organizations get immediate value through economies of scale. The service improves the client’s corporate efficiency and helps free up resources for core business activities.


WaterMelon MSPL Payroll solutions are well-suited for small and medium enterprises. Built on an innovative and robust technology platform, WMSPL solution is highly process-driven and secure. The employer and the employee can access their information over the Internet to the pre-defined depth of detail.

The other aspects of the service are:

  1. Monthly Payroll Processing
  2. TDS and other Statutory Compliance Computation
  3. Disbursal of Salary (ATM Pay cards or Drafts)
  4. Pay slip generation for each employee
  5. MIS reports as per client requests
  6. Payroll Query Management
  7. Filing of PF, IT , PT and ESI
  8. Web/Email based access of Employee Self-Service
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